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GF Stallions Jr Gold

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2020/2021 #HANG10

Video by: Dylan & Adam

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About GF Stallions Jr Gold

The "Grand Forks Stallions" started out as an alternative for high school young men to continue to skate outside the Varsity and Jr Varsity hockey programs of Red River and Central High Schools as welll as other local high schools; partially due to the abundant numbers in the Grand Forks park board programs.  It was an opportunity to continue to play the sport they loved.

    Prior to 1997 the club was called "The Midget Program", with the affiliation of teams from Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, Jamestown, Valley City, Langdon, Rugby, Cando, Crosby, Williston, Watford City and Sidney Montana. They played each other across the state, both home and away, since there was no other organized league to play in.

In 1997 Brenda And Lee Haugen, partially by default, and partially because the program was going to be terminated, stepped up to run the program and became the managers of the club.  For the next twenty years they ran a consistent hockey program with the help of the coaches.

    Under their management they were able to continue the program until 2017 when it was handed off to Travis and Joy Hagen and their family.  With the direction of coaches Tony Byzewski, Josh Slominski, Ryan Hanson, Derek Lutovsky, Mike Kellogg, Eric Jensen, Greg Mattson, Dick McWaters, Mike Andrews, Travis Hagen, and Alexander Hagen, The Grand Forks Stallions have been the receipients of now 10 State Championships, 5 Runner ups, 4 Consolation awards and numerous other tournament championships. The Grand Forks Stallions have sent numerous players onto the Regional championships. The proud history of the Grand Forks Stallions has been a home and a memory to over 500 skaters to date, pulling players from Red River, Central, East Grand Forks, Manvel, Mayville, Thompson and Drayton.

- Submitted by Brenda M Haugen

A message from the Hagen Family

We are so proud and humbled to continue the wonderful traditions started by the Haugen Family and are so greatful to add our own traditions to the Stallion Team and Family.  Our main goal is to teach players to be better people, to be respectful and have fun playing a sport they love.  We love our Stallions Family and hope to make lasting memories together for years to come.  Welcome to the Family! Once a Stallion always a Stallion!

1996-1997 1st   State

1999-2000 1st   State

2000-2001 1st   State 1st Season

2001-2002 1st   State

2002-2003 2nd  State

2004-2005 2nd  State

2005-2006 2nd  State

2006-2007 Con State  1st Regional

2007-2008 1st  State  2nd Regional

2009-2010 Con State 1st Season

2010-2011 1st State

2011-2012 2nd State

2012-2013 Con State

2013-2014 Con State

2015-2016  1st State

2016-2017 2nd State

2017-2018 1st State 1st Season

2018-2019 3rd State 1st Season

2019-2020 1st State 1st Season

2020-2021 1st State 1st Season

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